as i close out the first week of my new nutrition blog, i want to give a much deserved round of applause to the all-mighty kale!  you are so powerful, yet so under used!  you readers out there all have your reasons for not including this in your diet...haven't heard of it, don't think you like it, don't know how to cook it, simply forget about it, etc, etc, but as you should clearly understand now, you can't afford not to eat it!  i already gave you some easy ways to incorporate it, and here are a few more...
putting it on some homemade pizza is a good idea too!
and remember, don't just eat the green stuff when you are being really strict with your diet (figure gals!), keep it in the off-season too!  just eat it with or in something a little more exciting, like pizza, whole wheat pasta, and potatoes.
let me know if you try some of these ideas or if you come up with another idea or recipe!

so, on to the next one (or two).....i don't like onions much, but am trying to get over it and start incorporating them more....however, i do like a couple veggies that are very similar to onions and those veggies will be featured next week...any guesses???