Black Bean Brownies are DA BOMB!  yes, you heard right!  one of the best brownies i've ever had!  no joke peeps!

so, like i always do...i changed a few of the ingredients!  instead of butter, i used canola oil.  and i didn't have instant coffee granules, so i just brewed some regular coffee and used an equal amount of the liquid.  these brownies are more fudge-like than cake-like, mostly because there is NO flour!  you cannot taste the beans at all!  of course, they are still considered a high calorie food item, BUT all the ingredients i used are nutrient dense!  so they are a smarter treat for sure!  let me know if you try um out!   my venison chili was also very good last night.  i added some cinnamon and 2 oz of bittersweet chocolate to make it more like a mole.  we will be eating this for a while, it makes about 8 big servings!  let me know if you'd like the recipe!   taking a break from cooking this weekend....back to it monday!  any suggestions for my next super food?

and thanks again HEATHER for the brownie recipe!  have you tried it????