what a great training week.  i improved significantly on everything!  my track workout kicked ass, i ran a 7:16 mile + 4-400s b/w 1:30-1:40.  i did a 15 continuous swim yesterday, getting 1000 yards, which is a 100 yard increase from last time.  my weight is down to 128 today!....don't really know how i feel about that!  i wanted to be about this weight for my tri (which is in 2 weeks) so i am ahead of schedule!   just taking it day by day, i guess.  if i start losing too much too fast, then i will just increase my cals a bit.  i am doing a big re-feed today, so pancakes, pasta, cereal, homemade pizza, and Chick-fil-a peach milkshake...i can't wait for that!   took some fun pics yesterday...abs are starting to pop!  this next week is my last week to kill it before my recovery/taper week, so i am going to give it all i got!  going to the race venue tomorrow to ride the bike course and hopefully do another open water swim.  2 more weeks of tri stuff, then it is FULL FORCE FIGURE.  my trainer and i already have our game plan for that month.  more weights, focusing on my weak points, filling out my muscles, tightening up my diet.  i am going to BRING IT to vegas baby!  a couple of our friends are now going to cheer me on, so i am so excited about that, it is going to be a fun trip!  have a great weekend all.  went to see "The Hangover" last night...it is frickin hilarious!...you gotta see it!  peace.