man, i had a crazy hard week!  did two-a-day trainings almost everyday, some of my toughest workouts thus far, was still low on the calories, and was prepping for my photo shoot, which was today, which by the way was pretty much a 4 hour workout in and of itself!  so you might say i deserve a break, which is exactly what i am doing this week.  IT IS RECOVERY WEEK BABY!  flying up to wisconsin tomorrow to visit my family, eat some good food, and chill out.  i am feeling great about my tri training.  the only thing that i think needs more work is the bike.  it is hard to structure my workouts for this discipline, especially when i am riding by myself.  last sunday, ryan rode with me and it was awesome, cause i had my coach there the whole time telling me when to start and stop my intervals and motivating and encouraging me.  wish he could do all my training with me!  my run workouts have been so awesome lately.  really building up my speed.  and my swim is coming along as well.  still making it into the gym twice a week, and next week my previous trainer and i will start working out together. yay!  i am excited to see how a little extra calories that i can now add back into my diet will affect my training.  hoping for a bit more energy.  don't wanna add too many more though because i want to remain smaller for my tri in october.  just hope i can control myself!!!   my photo shoot today was with john stutz and I am so happy that we finally did it!  had planned to do it last year, but it got postponed.  it was a pretty cloudy day, which are not good conditions at all for his type of work, but we pulled it off and hopefully got 3-4 amazing shots out of the 450 he took!  it was a fun day, even though i was so nervous the entire morning cause i thought we would have to cancel it due to weather.  he is a great guy...thanks so much for working with me john!!!  if you haven't already, check out his website and book,

wana give a couple of shout outs before i sign off...
glex da man!!!!  just completed his first IRONMAN, and if you don't know, that is 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile a row.  he did it in just under 12 hours, so proud of you!
jane killin it in her new pair of running shoes!  she is doing so amazingly great in her training for her 5k...go jane go!
kevin smith...thanks for running with me, we make a good team!
judy manus...thanks for all your help in every aspect of my life!  seriously!  you do so much for me!
bill gesch (my dad)...for supporting me in whatever i do!!!
ryan marsh (my baby)...keep training like a fool, your ironman will be here before ya know ya sweetie!!!


OH...and thanks so much to all my friends and family and those of you who have reached out to me through email, for your support on my recent decision and your kind words of encouragement that will hopefully get me back in the figure game one of these days!!!  it means so much!  i love knowing that i inspire others to do their best in anything they set their mind and heart to!