i received a lot of advice about the food "blahness" i have been experiencing lately!  thanks to all for the inspiration.  one suggestion was to go back and redo or revamp some old recipes...so that is the plan for the next week or so.

first up, a revamped roasted sweet and spicy slaw
before i give you the revised recipe, i have to say, i liked it better the first time, but this version is still VERY good!  i think it is smart to show how you can substitute ingredients and still have an amazingly delicious and dense dish.

some noticeable differences are.....green cabbage instead of red, no carrots, and a different fruit.
1 large or 2 small heads of green cabbage, core cut out, finely sliced or shredded

2 big or 3 small apples or pears (i actually don't know which these are!), thinly sliced

someone gave us about 20 of these...ryan thinks they are apples, but i think they are pears!

3 tbsp oil, olive or canola
1/4 tsp salt

pre-heat oven to 450.  spread sliced veg and fruit on large sheet pan, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt, toss to coat.  roast for 25 minutes, turning once around 15 minutes. 

should come out browned and tender.

scoop out into a mixing bowl and let it cool slightly while you make the sauce.

juice from one lime
2 tbsp REAL maple syrup
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp cayenne

pour sauce over and combine gently but thoroughly.

some other changes from the original.....lime instead of lemon, more cayenne pepper, and instead of topping the slaw with sesame seeds, i roasted the last bit of salmon i had in my freezer and topped that with the seeds instead.

one reason i prefer the original recipe is that i like the red cabbage better because it is heartier and holds up a bit more.  also, the apples/pears disintegrated a tad in the oven, so it may be a good idea to add them half way through the cook time.  the mango in the original recipe held up very well. 

plus, this version did not have the beautiful vibrant colors that the original did.....but hey, you should use what you got!  AND...variety is the spice of life!!!!.....plus, it is a key to living dense and healthy!

what a difference!

some other recipe revamps on tap....
baba ganoush
don't have a clue what those dishes are?.....you definitely need to stay tuned this week!