from body + soul magazine...
1. cows expel methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent than CO2
2. 77%.....i say again....77% of US soy beans and 46% of US corn feed farm animals
3. 16 times more fossil fuels are needed to create one steak than to produce a plate of broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, and rice
4. 28% of the world's assessed fishery stocks are "over-explored or depleted"
5. about 98 pounds of beef, 67 pounds of pork, and 102 pounds of chicken are produced for EACH American annually!

how can YOU help resolve this problem...and YES, it is a problem!  here are my thoughts on the matter...

the obvious...decrease meat consumption, increase plant consumption.
meat, poultry, and fish portions should be NO MORE than the size of a deck of cards.
start with one vegetarian dinner per week and increase from there.
at the very least, do not eat chicken and/or beef everyday.  try some other options....bison or venison, which is regularly available these days!
chose your fish and other seafood wisely!  go here to find out which are the best for sustainability.
buy locally....for many local farmers, usually organic, decrease reliance on animals fed at massive feed lots, animals are treated better/more humane! 

plant foods that are good sources of protein...legumes, quinoa, peanut butter, almonds, soy milk, bulgur, tempeh, cooked spinach and broccoli. 

give this a serious thought PLEASE!  especially if you have children....very important for future generations!  and of course your personal health!