so finally settled and starting to get back on track after a long weekend in vegas!  overall, it was a great trip!  vegas is definitely a different lifestyle....not one that i'd like to go back to any time soon, but it was very fun while we were there.  arrived thursday late, just in time to make the meeting/check-in.  it was packed out!  found out that my class was the 2nd largest with about 40 competitors, which didn't phase me very much because i knew i was looking the best i ever looked!!!  slept in a bit friday, laid by the pool for about an hour, then checked out some of the hotels that were close by.  The Bellagio was very extravagant indeed.  lots of upscale restaurants and shops and a very decorative lobby.  we also walked through caesars palace, which was very cool, tons of huge statues and again lots of restaurants and shops.  i had my tanning appts that afternoon, then chilled for the rest of the night while my dad and ryan went out and gambled a bit at the MGM.  i was feeling so incredibly good and on point friday night and saturday morning.  i felt i did everything right.  i didn't deplete my water, i ate enough to fill out my muscles, my tan was pretty good, even though i was a shade lighter AGAIN, but that was a minor problem.  i wasn't feeling sick or depleted in any way and i wasn't too crabby!  i was feeling soooo confident!  after the super fast initial comparisons (which were too fast in my opinion!) and the model turns, i really really thought i would be in the first call-out!  so after i didn't hear my number, the show was pretty much over for me!  now, i know many of you will look down on this statement, BUT i was going into this one with super high expectations because i thought i nailed it!  i am somewhat at a loss as to what i need to improve on! i stayed in the top ten all last year and really feel that i made significant improvements this year, which is why i went into the show to WIN!  i really don't think i have a weakness right now, aside from being a tad lighter than the other girls.  am i extremely, am i disappointed...yes!  i was very excited at the airport on the way home about coming up with a game plan for the next one, but now i am a little discouraged!  i am not 100% sure i will compete again this year, but will more than likely do team universe in NYC.  just very confused about how i should come in.  i guess the same!  i am also pretty sure that i will do another triathlon, so i think i will train for both at the same time again, because it did work so well the first time.  i love the way my physique looks for figure shows, but i love love love the way i feel after completing a triathlon.  such a different experience the day will only know what i am talking about if you try it!  after the show, me, ry, jillian reville and 3 of our friends went to the Palms to party it up!  we were on "the list" at the playboy club because mike new someone who knew someone who worked at there.  it was so badass walking up to the front of the line and getting right in without paying a cover!  we drank and hung out on the deck at the very top of the Palms and didn't leave until 4:30am!  so i was up for over 24hrs straight!  the next day, we hung out at the MGM pool, then went to see cirque de soleil that night.  Monday, we walked about 6 miles, checking out more hotels, then ate a fantastic italian dinner at Onda in The Mirage.  oh, and can't forget to mention the delicious gelato at Bellagio, yum yum!!!  Oh, and breakfast 2 days in a row at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris.  i had chocolate bacon waffles.  on tuesday, i started cleaning up my diet a bit as we made our way back to GA.  got in late and couldn't sleep very well.  don't know if it was because of the time change or because i had a lot on my mind!  was going to workout with my trainer on wednesday, but decided i needed more time off.  will probably get in a small workout tomorrow.  then back into full swing on sunday...hopefully!  i have a lot going on between now and team universe so it is going to be a challenge staying on track.  but hopefully i can bring an even better package, we'll see.  i am glad i will be back in the pool, on the bike, and on the roads, because i love feeling my fitness increase and actually performing cardio that i can improve on each week.  i hate stationary cardio equipment, so there really isn't any decision to be made about doing another tri.  the training will be my cardio.  my new plan doesn't include any rest days, because i gotta pack in 6 days of tri training and 3 days in the gym, but if i feel it is too much, then i will take a day or two here and there!  got a bachelorette party tomorrow night and my HS reunion saturday, so i am going to try hard to keep my diet clean.  i wana get back to full diet prep by monday at the latest!  well, that's it for now i guess.  it was fun meeting everyone at the show.  thanks to all who supporting me throughout my prep and thanks for all the compliments....i will try to impress you yet again for my next one!  peace!