just a few things to report...my swim workout left me feeling very ill on sunday, like i had been to the doctor to give blood or like i had been on a rocking boat out at sea for 5 hours...very weird.  i hope that doesn't happen again!  ryan, my husband and tri trainer, had me focusing on twisting my body to lengthen my strokes, so maybe the constant twisting did me in, or maybe i didn't take enough breaths, hopefully i'll figure it out!  my trainer in the gym about killed me yesterday....all legs...i was actually lying on the floor at one point!  yes, they are sore today!  AND, i somehow twinged my shoulder while training legs....how the hell did i do that?  iced it last night, but still hurts this morning.  hope i can get my other two weight workouts in!   on another note, i actually got a comment on here!  i'd love to know who else reads this...leave me a comment and let me know!  have a great day!  train hard!