sorry, i am slackin again!  but there really hasn't been too many exciting things to report on lately!  i haven't biked or swam since my tri.  but i have been running.  in my off season this year, i am going to do a lot of aerobic base building, so longer, slower runs and bikes.  this past tuesday, i ran 6 miles, which is the longest i have gone in a good while and it felt pretty darn good. i could have kept going a few more miles! it is awesome to know that i can still pull out some longer distances.  i hope to get back on the saddle this weekend.  i got some aero-bars for my bike for my b-day, so i am excited to test them out! still tryin to stay in the gym 2-3x week, and am surprised at how strong i still am.  yesterday, i did one-arm snatches with a 45# DB, full squats with 175#, bent-over bar-bell rows with 115#, and 4 sets of 8-10 pullups.  muscle memory is awesome!!!  going to get in some hot yoga tonight for a good sweat and flexibity workout.  i am still staying pretty close to my contest weight, but i can definitely tell that my body composition has changed a bit.  i did a small photo shoot yesterday for an advertisement for a local salon, and i'll tell you what...if you are feeling a litttle crappy and unhappy about your body, go get a spray tan, it makes you feel so much better.  that little extra color can brighten up your day!  lately, i have been putting a lot of energy into creating some healthy recipes and will soon start selling them through our website.  they are full recipes, entrees and sides, can be used for "on-season" and "off-seaon", have nutrition facts and pics, and have been tested and utilized during MY entire prep!  i am excited to share these with others. they should be ready VERY soon!  still trying to balance my life out.  it is hard to not be training for something specific, it feels like something is missing in your life, but everyday gets easier and takes practice!  learning to train and eat healthy "just cause"  is a challenge...but something that is soooooo important!  ryan's ironman is in 2.5 weeks and i am so excited for him.  he has trained so hard and so smart.  he will soon get his celebration race!  well, that's all for now, i will try to be better about updating!  THANKS FOR READING!  peace!
quote from one of my clients...."worrying is wasted imagination"