still going strong!  still very challenging!  got a 20 mile bike in sunday, then shoulders and abs at the gym.  yesterday i did a photo shoot in the morning for an article that will be in a local mag (Athens Magazine) about my husband and I.  don't know exactly how they will swing it.  i pitched an idea to them more along the lines of "amateur athletes pushing their limits" and hoped it would be more geared towards my figure training, but i think they may go in a slightly different direction than i hoped.  more about tri training and less about figure, but still very excited about it and can't wait to see the result!  the photo shoot was very interesting.  we were out on an old dirt road, and they set up a bunch of lighting and there was even a makeup artist there!  i think we got some really cool action shots.  hopefully i can post some here!  got a great run in running fitness is finally coming up.  did 4 miles, 3 under 9 minute mile pace.  got a good circuit workout in today with nick and a tough swim is on tap for tomorrow morning.  next week is a recovery week for tri training, then i have some test outs.  i thought i was going to change up my diet this weekend, but i am doing well on it, so i think i may keep it for one more week.  then i will change it to more of a carb cycle with big refeeds every other week.  my weight today was under 134, so i am on track.  will probably take progress pics this weekend.  ryan placed 1st in his age group this past weekend..he is doing so well, it is going to be a great year for him! hopefully for me too!