so last week didn't quite go as planned, but i still got in some good training.  run club got canceled due to rain on thursday, so i biked inside instead.  i did a strength interval for 30 minutes, then i did a short circuit with weights.  it was good to get some higher endurance resistance training in.  Saturday i did an open water swim with a group of triathletes, which was very interesting!  or should i say scary!  it was in a private lake, the water was probably b/w 60-65, i'd have to say closer to 60!  thank goodness someone had a spare wetsuit....however, i wouldn't get in if i didn't have a wetsuit!  it was very hard to breath due to the water temp and the tightness of the wetsuit.  the total swim was about 700 meters.  with about 200 left, i began to get a little nervous because i was struggling with my breath and didn't know what would happen if i started to panic, so i flipped over and did backstroke for about 100, then finished it out.  when i got back to the dock, it was so hard to breath out, until i got out of the water, then i was fine, but wanted the wetsuit off asap.  3 of the triathletes did it again, while the rest of us watched from the dock!  i plan on doing it again, but not until the water warms up a bit!!!  Sunday, i ran 3 miles non-stop, which i haven't done in a while.  i went into the run knowing i could do it, which i feel is such a huge motivator, and even though i had some side stitches the last 1/2 mile or so, i feel i finished it out strong.  we all run 3 miles every time at run club, but that is more speed than endurance, so i really need to start building up my endurance again!  i can't believe i only have a month left until serious prep for figure and tri begins!!! 
i want to give a shout out to my two figure chicks, jessa and candice...they have been prepping a little over 7 weeks now, working so hard, and looking great!  both have made noticeable improvements.  this is their first prep and they are discovering how hard and time consuming it actually is, but also how rewarding it is.  i am excited to hear how they feel after show day.  these last 4-5 weeks are the toughest mentally....constantly questioning yourself..."why am i doing this?"  "is it worth it?"  those are questions you can only answer on your own.  but if you give up, you will never know!  remember ladies, you learn something (or many things) from each prep, the more you do it, the more you know, the more you can help others, the more motivation you can provide to yourself and others.  you learn how to be smart in the off-season and make the changes you need.  we did a little posing practice saturday and both girls did an excellent job, but still need to practice, practice, practice on their own!  i can't believe i went into my first show with no help!  it is always a good idea to have guidance if it is available to you, use your resources, but also do research on your own!  it is your prep!  you ultimately decide how you handle your training and your diet and any obstacles that come your way.
today, i stayed home from work AGAIN because i got maybe 1-2 hours of sleep last night, i must figure out why i can't sleep some nights!  it is very frustrating!  have lots of training planned for this week, looking forward to it!