one dish turned out pretty well, one may need some work!

Sweet, sour, and salty farro and beet green salad

coc'a'onut pancakes with lemon blueberry glaze

i said on monday that i was planning a beet, black olive, and pomegranate farro salad and sweet potato pancakes, but i had to change my plans a bit when i couldn't find some things at the grocery store and i forgot to add some ingredients in the cooking process!

i had planned to cook the beets with the farro, but since i forgot to add them at the beginning, i ended up adding the beet 'greens' instead at the end.  also, Trader Joe's didn't have any pomegranates, so i used blood oranges instead.  it actually turned out pretty amazing and beautiful!  don't ya think?

farro - 1 cup
stock or water - 2 cups
beet greens - 4-6 cups, roughly chopped, or another 'green' of your choice!
orange zest - 2 tbsp, from 2 small blood oranges or one big navel orange
orange segments - from 2 bloods or one navel
red wine vinegar - 1/4 cup
extra virgin olive oil - 1/4 cup
black olives - 1/2 cup, 3.5oz can drained
fresh minced rosemary - 1 tbsp
salt - 1/2 tsp
pepper - to taste of course!
bring water or stock to a boil in large pot, add farro, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 25 minutes.  add chopped beet greens on top of farro, cover, and cook another 10 minutes, until beet greens have wilted and farro is tender and chewy.  remove from heat and add all other ingredients.  mix thoroughly. 
add more seasoning if you feel it is needed!
i topped mine with the leftover feta cheese i had in the fridge, but i felt it was better without it!  it may also be good topped with a little goat cheese.

for the coc'a'onut pancakes (coconut and cocao nibs), i felt the batter needed a little more fluffiness and the cakes ended up being a little dry AND the lemon blueberry glaze was a little too sweet...i will need to do a revision of this dish and give the recipe at a later date!!!  the pics sure turned out very pretty though...

so, it is T-Minus 3 days to the opening of the AFM  i am soooooooooooooo excited!  ready for some fresh, local, great tasting veggies!  and some new, unique recipes!  
"choosing unique varieties of fruits and vegetables helps sustain biodiversity as well as dinnertime variety!"  whole living magazine

In the mag, an article titled "This is the year I'll..." provides readers with 12 green goals, gives steps to get started, and rates them on cost, commitment, and green impact.  Goal #5, try a new seasonal whole food each month, is very low cost, mid commitment, and gets 4 out of 5 bars for its green impact!  i am hoping to make this one of my goals during the farmers' market months!  In March, it suggests celery root and mache, and in April, it suggests fiddlehead ferns, nettles, and ramps....i wonder if these veggies grow in Ga?  we'll see!

a few other goals i like are...start composting, which i have attempted and failed at in the past, but definitely hope to do again once we move, although why can't i do it now?  maybe i should give it a try again....this goal is a little more costly and high commitment!.....AND....collect rainwater, which gets all five bars on green states that 40% of a typical US household's summer water consumption goes toward tending the lawn!!!!  dang, that's a lot! 

"Eco-consciousness requires that we shrink our footprint and expand our vision"

what are you doing to shrink your footprint?