YES!...I officially started BASE triathlon training.  When i say "base", I mean i am getting a good fitness base going for all the disciplines...swimming, biking, and running.  however, i have already been running once a week, but mostly short intervals.  starting in may, when my official figure prep starts, i will train each discipline 2 days per week.  it will be a very interesting prep, as i will be "dieting" and tri training at the same time!  what do you all think about that?

yesterday, i biked almost 10 miles and swam 1000 yards.  i am going to train on my mountain bike for now, and hopefully borrow my friends tri bike for the race.  supposedly, this is a great way to train because training on a mountain bike on the roads is much slower with the same effort compared to a road bike, so when i do get on the tri bike at about a week or two out from the race, i should be super fast!  i think that is how it works??!!!
next saturday, i hope to bike a little longer and maybe do some hill intervals, and on sunday, i will up the swim to 1200 yards, 150 yards at a time with a little rest in b/w.  i hope to challenge myself a bit more in running club from here on out!

weight training is also going great!  although i was super sore all last week!  hopefully this week, the soreness will ease up a bit, but not too much, because then i know i am not training hard enough!  but, i gotta keep it SMART too!  remember, you should rarely over-train...however, there may be some instances where it can be beneficial.  yoga is tonight!  i usually do HOT yoga, but am switching it up a bit this week, testing out a new place.  i am sure i will be very tight....i haven't been in about 3 weeks, yikes! 

diet, i believe is the best it can be right now!  really focusing on nutrient dense foods, and lots of um!
one of my new favorite meals is my Asian turkey and rice...ground turkey breast, bag of broccoli, carrot, and cabbage slaw, fresh garlic and ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, and rice vinegar, on top of brown and wild rice...yummy yum!  also on tap for this week, pumpkin pancakes, chicken and roasted beets, green pepper and turkey sausage pasta, and whole wheat pizza.  man, it's going to be a good food week!
really enjoy my extra dark, and i mean EXTRA DARK, chocolate treat at night.

train SMART everyone!

tip of the week...
cross-train!  try a new type of cardio this week.  if you are bored with the treadmill or elliptical like me, get outside, go to your local stadium or track and run bleachers and do sprints.  remember to warm up and stretch well before this type of workout!
if you are bored with your standard weight training routine, try more body-weight type exercises, like pullups, dips, rope climbs, burbees, pushup-rows, wood-choppers, and plyometric exercises like jump squats, jump lunges, and jump stepups.