i was not nervous at all the morning of the race, which was a little freaky and interesting to me!  usually i have a few butterflies flickering around!  only when i put my feet in the water with 30 seconds to the start did i feel anything.  i got right out in front on the swim because i now know that i should finish in the top of the pack. i think i may have done the first half too fast, cause i was holding back a bit on the second 200 yards and i wanted to have a faster finish.  i did get a little disoriented as well, having some trouble seeing the buoys, but still came out of the water in 3rd position.  after you exit the water, you have to climb a gigantic hill up to the transition area, and many people end up walking, but i ran (or jogged!), the whole way up.  when i sat down to put my bike shoes on, i was feeling a little uncertain about the ride to come!  my breathing was labored and i was a little spaced out, don't know if it was because i was sick or because of the cold water.  was cranking it pretty hard the first 3 miles on the bike, until my frickin chain messed up AGAIN!...my chain came off in my first race back in june!  this time it was stuck on the big ring.  so pulled over, almost falling off, and figured out the problem, the chain was off track.  this took me about 3 minutes to fix, which is a BIG deal, especially on the bike leg, cause this is when the good bikers catch ya from the swim!  i wanted my bike split to be under 40 minutes, but it ended up being 42:10!  OH WELL...SHIT HAPPENS!  making my way back to transition, i was still pissed off and wanted to catch some girls on the run, but wasn't sure if i could, because in my mind i was thinking..."if they are awesome bikers, then they will definitely be kick-ass runners"  but once i made it down the first hill out of transition, my legs felt awesome and my stride felt fast.  i finally think i got my cadence up 180, cause my feet were smokin!  i was actually very surprised that i felt so good on the run, because i felt like i may have pushed too hard coming back in on the bike to try to make up for the time i lost.  but instead of questioning it and playing it safe, i went with it and kept on pushing!  i passed 3 or 4 girls on the run (and tons of men!)  and my split ended up being 23:09 (it was a 5k), so i ran under 7:30 miles!  that is fast for ME!  my overall time was 1:17:23.  i was 3rd in the swim, 6th on the bike, and 3rd on the run...2nd place overall in my age group out of 53!  i am happy with that!  i wanted to get under 1:15.  the girl who won did it in 1:08:25, so even if my chain didn't mess up, and i did get under 1:15, i still wouldn't have beat her!  i think i now have the triathlon bug!  they are fun and super challenging.  i think my weakest leg will end up being the bike, so i plan on putting more training days in for that next season.  biking is hard!  i always hear people say they could definitely do the bike leg of triathlons, but would have to put in the work for the swim and run...believe me people...you have got to put in the work for the bike too, if you want to be competitive!  i have so much more appreciation for pro cyclists now...they work their asses off!
well, there ya have...2nd place in my 2nd tri!  next year, i will probably do one or two olympic distance ones, which is pretty much double a sprint.
until then, my main goal is BALANCE!  keeping some tri training in, but including other things as well, weight training, yoga, and of course more social outings and family time....AND supporting ryan as much as possible up to his ironman!