here are a couple shots from yesterday.  go to my facebook page if you wana see more!  i also wanted to breakdown my splits for you....1/3 mile swim - 10:23, 18 mile bike - 1:02, 3 mile run - 23:59.  each thing was a challenge for different reasons!  swim - kept running in to people!  my wave was the last wave to go and i kept hitting the slower swimmers in the other waves!  bike - my chain came off which took about 2 minutes off my time, but i felt really good considering.  run - this was killer!....lots of hills, HOT, had a small side stitch the whole time, felt like i might cramp up if i ran faster....but was very surprised at my time.  this is faster than i ran my 5k about a month ago.  i am very happy with my result!