so, i think i am going to make it to my tri.  the outlook wasn't so good a few days ago.  i got extremely sick on wednesday, sore throat, achy ears, cough, fever, could barely talk, so it definitely wasn't looking very good!  but after a great friend (janey!) bought me some zinc tablets and vitamin C, and gave me all sorts of advice about drinking ginger tea, etc, i felt a lot better the next day, even though my voice still sounded awful, and i think i may be fully ready to kick ass tomorrow!  i definitely had a FORCED taper this week, more than i had planned on, but who knows, it may have been just what i needed!  sometimes forced rest is a good thing.  maybe i was over trained a bit.  i have been pushing it pretty hard for the last, oh, 6 months. my ultimate goal for tomorrow is to make it into the top 3 and get an award, but you never know who will show up, so my time goal is under 1:20...and under 1:15 would ROCK!  i haven't practiced transitions much, so i know i will be rusty there, but i have gotten in a few bricks (bikes to runs) and open water swims, so i feel my fitness is where it needs to be.  i think the limiting factor will be my sickness.  if my body is still recovering, it will be a hard race.  BUT it will be a hard race no matter what!  i am excited to see if i can push it more than my last race, because the course is a little shorter.  i have two friends competing in my age group, who are awesome, so i am expecting them to place 1 and 2, go kim and becca!  and there are many others competing from athens also!  good luck!
after this, i am taking time off!!!  but not for long!  ry and i are pretty sure we want to do the marathon / 1/2 marathon in austin, tx on valentines day.  i am going to get in the gym a little more and have some fun with nick for a while, and maybe do another photo shoot soon, but only if i feel ready, trying to to put too much pressure on myself!  alrighty...will let you know how it goes tomorrow!  stay tuned!  peace!