got another person telling me today that they cut out the "white stuff" from their diet! hehehe.  i totally understand what they are saying...they don't eat white bread, white rice, white pasta, white potatoes, and refined sugar, but i usually mess with them a bit anyway and ask, do you eat cauliflower?, what about fish?, how about yogurt or cottage cheese?  and then, depending on how well i know them (usually if it is a first meeting i wait it out a bit), i break it to them that the "white stuff" isn't really poison!  yes, of course it is better to eat whole grains, but white potatoes?  what's the big whoop?!  and in moderation, white bread, rice, and pasta is completely and totally fine!  plus, if it is brown, it isn't always whole knew that right?  just some "white stuff" to ponder!  food for thought.  tonight i am having bison burgers and roasted garlic "white" potatoes...yum yum!
oh, and don't let the ridiculous commercials about "whole grain" fool you.  just because a food contains whole grain, it is not the secret weapon to fat loss!