i just found out today that the tri i am competing in (Irongirl, Atlanta) will be televised...Airing on August 23!  pretty cool.  i will probably forget to watch!  getting really excited about it now.  about 2.5 weeks! 
so, recently i have figured out that the dangers of biking are not cars, but animals!  so far, i have almost ran over two squirrels, a dog almost knocked me over, and a deer ran out right in front of me!  yikes!  what next?  maybe a wild boar or bobcat! 
i have been feeling so good lately!  a bit hungry because my training has increased and my diet is super strict, but it really hasn't affected my strength or fitness much at all.  i am just very tired at night, which is good, so i can get to sleep fast!  my strength in the gym is still up, rowing 65lb dbs, benching 50lb dbs, push-pressing 95lbs, but definitely laying off the legs!  they are constantly sore and achy.  now i know what my seasoned triathlete client is talking about when she says go easy on my legs! 
got a killer swim workout in yesterday, run club is tomorrow, massage set for friday :), and a BIG refeed on saturday!  hell yes!  that's all for now, peace!