i will rephrase...

Beer, Fish, and Lettuce
or, another way to put it....

sponsor of one of the hardest running events i have done, Australian-caught omega-3-rich treat, and cute little delicate green flower i stuff in my mouth!

how's that?  better explanation?  :)

so, yesterday was a BIG day.  jammed packed, but super fun!  well, maybe not super fun when i was climbing the last steep hill and becoming really nervous about getting heat exhaustion again at the end of the Terrapin 5k + 1 race at 3 in the the blazing heat and humidity, with giant hills throughout.   this was only the second time i had to stop and walk during a race....the other time, i blacked out, got severe heat exhaustion, received two bags of IV fluid, and had to sit in an ambulance for 2 hours!!!
so, yes...this race was freakin HOT and HARD!!!    but i made it and actually got first in my age group!

i guess i should have been holding up a 1 and not the peace sign again(for the trillionth time!)
after the race, we got two free beers from Terrapin, a local brewery here in Athens.  congrats to everyone else who completed was a killer! 

After the race, i was exhausted.  i contemplated not fixing dinner and just getting some take out, but i had been looking forward to my Barramundi for a few days, so i decided to suck it up, have some more alcohol, and get a cookin!  so glad i was awesome!

the fish was super easy to cook.  all i did was season the fillet with some salt and pepper, pour about 1 tbsp olive oil into a hot pan, and cook the fish for 3 minutes on the first side (skin side up), then 2 minutes on the second side.  after i took it off the heat i covered it with foil for about 5 minutes and fixed everything else.  yesterday, i had some leftover baked sweet potatoes from my sweet potato maple muffins prep, so i decided to make a simple puree.  i put about 6oz cooked sweet potato in the food processor, along with 1/2 tsp salt, a little cinnamon, 3 sage leaves, and about 1/2 cup milk, and pureed it until it was smooth and creamy.  you can add more or less milk depending on what consistency you prefer.

i also made two simple salads.  the first was an apple, celery leaf, and dill salad, dressed only with salt and lemon juice, and the second was the mache salad with shredded carrots and balsamic/olive oil dressing. 
i minced up the celery leaves (you can totally use celery stalks) and dill and tossed them with one small diced apple, then added about 2 tsp fresh lemon juice and a pinch of salt.  this complimented the fish and sweet potato very well.  i loved a big bite with all those components together. 
the mache was a delicate little green flower and had a very mild flavor. 
look how cute...

here is a link that gives you more info on Barramundi.  as you can see, i got the "good alternative" one.  i researched it first before i decided to buy it.  if it was one that had received the "avoid" rating, then i would not have purchased any!  be smart about your seafood!  do some research before you buy! 

today has been a BIG day as well.  already made 12 dozen muffins and went to the pool for a workout.  about to head out again to get a ride in...great day for a bike, don't think it is too windy! 

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  on tap this week...
shrimp pasta with pea tendrils
PB/coconut broccoli and edamame
salmon flatbread and salad
orange ginger venison and Brussels sprout greens stir fry over farro
baba ganoush pizza with peppers and balsamic
venison soup with...something....haven't figured it out yet!
and i may pick up a frozen dinner for one night to give myself a break!

catch ya later this week ;)