here is what I did this week with my veggies....

Snap peas - sauted for just a couple minutes in some light olive oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat until lightly browned, then drizzled with a little sesame oil and topped with toasted sesame seeds.  served with crisped up tofu.

Kale - roughly chopped and put on pizza along with red peppers and goat cheese

Brussels Sprout greens - they are the leaves that grow out of the stalks of the Brussels sprouts.  they have a slightly citrus flavor.  i blanched 10 of the leaves (plunged them in boiling salted water for 2 minutes and then soaked them in ice water for another 2 minutes), then stuffed them with a venison farro mixture.  i cut up the remaining leaves and cooked them with the ground venison.  this would work with taco meat in place of the tortilla.  cabbage leaves also work well.

Turnips - thinly sliced and sauted in a cast-iron skillet until just browned with olive oil, salt and pepper, then drizzled with a little vinegar.  served with pre-made crab cakes. 

tonight - risotto made with the turnip tops(greens), leeks, and fennel frawns, and seared scallops...YAY!!!!

what will i get tomorrow?