in winter!  ok, so i obviously did NOT use local veggies for this concoction!   and i bet it would taste even better in the middle of summer using produce from the farmers market!   but since i went to the store without a list this past weekend, i came up with this dish after seeing what Trader Joe's had in stock.  the corn was on the cob and the red peppers were long and skinny, so i thought i could grill um up to boost the flavor.  i always forget about avocado even though i am IN LOVE with them!   i also hadn't bought tortillas in a while, so i thought i'd give a simple wrap a shot.

black beans - one can, drained and rinsed...of course you can use dry!
avocado - one, medium dice
corn - 3 small ears
red pepper - one, can be long and skinny or fat and short!
cilantro - small bunch, rough chop
chives - small bunch, rough chop
garlic - one clove, peeled and grated into mixture
lemon juice - half lemon
olive oil - about 1 tbsp
whole wheat tortillas
salt and pepper

very simple process.  first, remove corn husks, wash along with pepper, oil um both up, and grill until they get a nice char.  i used my indoor grill pan.  this just gives it a little more flavor.  you can always boil the corn for 3-5 minutes instead.  chop up the pepper and cut the corn off the cob.  this works best by placing a small bowl upside down in a large bowl, stand the corn cob up on top of the small bowl (make sure the surface is flat so it doesn't slip), then run your sharp knife down the sides of the cob and let the corn kernels fall into the large bowl.  remove the small bowl, and add everything else to the large bowl with the corn kernels.  mix thoroughly and season to your liking with salt and pepper.  i also added a little cumin and cayenne.  add whatever spices light up your palate!

place 4-5 heaping spoonfuls in a whole wheat tortilla and enjoy!

this made about 4 good sized servings....we saved some for today!

yay...tonight i am getting more fresh local produce from my client!  got some interesting stuff coming...maybe we can play the guessing game!!!