so what to report?   hhhmmm...
i did my bike testout on tuesday and completed 16 miles 3 minutes faster than my previous test ride.  i also had a great swim workout that day...i did a pyramid or a buildup as some may call it...i did 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 25, with 15 seconds rest in b/ was a challenge, but i loved it.  glad tuesday was a high carb day!
wednesday i was pretty tired and it showed in my weight workout with nick.  i could tell he wasn't pushing me as much.
thursday was running club and i kicked ass!  i was nervous about doing 3 1200s because i know this is one of the harder workouts because you can't slow down as much as you do for the mile repeats, but you can't run it like you would a 400, so it is a challenge finding that balance.  i ended up doing them in 5:22, which i was extremely happy with. 
today, i trained shoulders and abs by myself and was going to do my long bike, but have decided to get up early and do it tomorrow instead.  i am so much better in the morning!  i am also doing another open water swim tomorrow...which is much needed!
ryan measured my bodyfat today using the calipers and let me just say if i was a guy i'd be 10%!    i have lost 2 pounds since saturday, so i am now 130.  just taking it day by day.  i think i will be under 128 for my tri, that'd be nice....lighter = faster!  my strength in the gym is still up and i am starting to see vascularity in my front delt, i love that!  as each day passes, i am more and more convinced that training for a triathlon and a figure show at the same time is a GREAT idea!  i am not depriving myself, i am getting just enough calories and carbs to fuel my workouts, my fitness is increasing, the lighter i get, the faster i feel, i feel like an athlete...WAIT, i am an athlete!   I think when people start training for triathlons, they feel they need to load up on the carbs and eat all sorts of energy bars and gels, but you have got to have a base of whole foods with quality protein, unprocessed carbs, and good fats, it is a balance, and i feel i've got it! 
ryan is racing an olympic distance tri this weekend and is shooting for the top ten...good luck baby!  we are camping in our friends airstream and i have to bring most of my food, so gotta go pack it up!  have a great weekend!