i apologize to the few of you out there who do read this blog...i have been slackin!  i had a great trip up north to visit my family, ate too much, but got back on track and back to clean livin right when i got home.  tri training is going well and since i have stopped "dieting" after my photo shoot, i have loosened up my nutrition a bit, but have been able to find the balance i need to maintain and stay at a decent weight for optimal training and mental stability and get the calories i need to keep the workouts intense and keep my fitness high.  i know it is such a struggle for many of you out there to find that balance you need to avoid the rebound after a show or any other competitive event...believe me, it takes practice!  it takes balance during prep to achieve balance after prep!  it takes a change in mindset for sure, which is not easy to achieve for a lot of people!  read my next post "finding balance" for some great tips dealing with this! 
i am excited for my tri in 2 weeks.  ryan (hubby) has his 1/2 ironman next weekend, then it is all about the full ironman in november!  he is doing so great, i know he will do well.  he is such an inspiration for me! 
still been in the gym, doing lots of plyo / balance / high intensity weight stuff to keep my muscle AND support my tri training.  it's been great working together with nick (my old trainer).  after my tri, we will throw in more multi-joint, heavier lifts!  got a 4.5 mile run tomorrow, which i hope to do in under 35 minutes, then plan on doing a 20-25 mile bike with my dad on sunday...so proud of him too, staying in great shape at 59! 
hope to have a great weekend and watch the dawgs win tomorrow night!  stay fit, healthy, and happy everyone! peace!