1.  i am meeting with a DJ in the middle of march to mix some music!  this is the first step in my quest for fitness!
the next step will be consistenty practicing my moves.  i'd love to get free standing handstand pushups!  i can do them (kinda) up against a wall, so...
then i need to get a routine...this may have to wait until the end of the year, but who knows!

2.  my husband and i are starting a business together and the first few steps are completed!  hopefully our website will be up and running at the beginning of the summer!   i will reveal the name soon!

3.  i am running a 5k this weekend and am not very conditioned to run at the moment, so it should be interesting!  you definitely lose your fitness level fast with this sport if you don't keep up proper training!  more triathlon training MUST start next month!