...but don't even think about leaving it out!

 i am pretty much in love with avocados!
and with good reason!  so creamy and fatty.....25 grams to be exact!  but don't you get all worried now, it is mostly the heart healthy mono-unsaturated type.   avocados also contain potassium, folic acid, vitamin E, and fiber.
quick tips on avocados...
at the store, they are usually rock hard, so they need 3-6 days to ripen.
you know they are ripe when they yield slightly when pressure is applied.
an over ripe avocado will leave a dent when pressure is applied.
to ripen a firm one, place it in a paper bag with an apple, banana, tomato or pear, which all give off ethylene gas and speed up the process.
do not put unripe ones in the fridge, but once ripe, they can be stored in fridge for a week.
once you cut an avocado, you need to add an acid to prevent browning, i'd go with lemon or lime juice.
to open one, cut around it lengthwise and twist open, exposing the pit, remove the pit either with a spoon or mash your big chef's knife into it and twist, then scoop out the flesh.
then, you can mash it, slice it, dice it, puree it, or spread it.  this week, i am doing quac for tri-bean tacos one night and bison burgers another night, avocado soup, frittata topped with avocado, and fish and avocado pasta.
there are many varieties of avocado, but Hass is the main one you see in the US, from California.  they are available year round.
more nutrition facts and recipes to come!