this weekend was good, last weekend sucked in terms of tri training!  last weekend, i was planning on swimming and biking on sunday, but ended up drinking too much saturday night (which rarely happens these days), felt horrible the next day and my entire training day was ruined!  but this weekend was good.  just got done with 10 miles on the bike and about to do a 1200 yard swim in the pool.  weight training is going well, but i don't think i am eating enough to support the growth i want and keep my strength up!  i have been super busy lately, seems like there is something to do every minute of the day, and food seems to have taken a back seat.  gotta work on that!  my energy is definitely low by the end of the week.  the workout for running club this past week about killed me.  we did 3 1200s on the track and my time decreased each set.  i wish i could get another day of running in to improve my fitness...but when?   i am currently working 4 jobs, personal trainer, dietitian at doctor's office, nutrition coordinator at school system, and geting our website up and runnning for our new business (soon to be revealed!)  man, it is march madness for sure!  looking forward to this week.   on tap...monday- weights and yoga, tuesday- weights with trainer, thursday- weights with trainer and run club, friday- weights, saturday- bike, sunday- swim(if get home in time from ryan's half-marathon)  i am so glad i have a trainer in the gym. he pushes me hard!  so i am slowly but surely building up that base for the "REAL" tri training starting in may!