just a short rant before i post my kale recipe later today....
i am so sick of all the shortcuts out there!  for instance...
1. cleanses - WTF!!!  just start cleaning up your diet using my easy, clear, clean advice!  you do not need a "cleanse"  plus, it is probably extremely dangerous!!!
2. drinking juice to increase you vegetable intake! - JUST EAT VEGETABLES!  suck it up people...learn to cook them to make them taste good!  don't drink frickin' V8 juice to get your veggies in!!!
3. stupid exercise programs and/or equipment - "Just 3 minutes a day, 3 times per week"....my ASS!!!!  just try spending over a hundred dollars on a piece of supposedly "life changing" equipment, do it 3 minutes, 3x per week and see if you get the results you want!  i bet you don't!!!!
4. weight loss pills, supps, fat-burners, etc....these are shortcuts, are more often than not, shortcuts that DO NOT WORK! 
PUT IN THE WORK PEOPLE!!!!  i will help you learn how!!!!  and why!
ok, got that off my chest!  stay tuned for the kale recipe later today!