let me count the ways!

1. you give my body the essential omega 3 fatty acids it needs to improve my heart health, make my hair, skin, and nails beautiful, cushion my joints, and boost my immune system without being overly fishy
2. you excite my eyes and tingle my taste buds with bold, beautiful, sweet and savory sun-dried tomatoes
3. you provide just the right bite with salty and satisfying small bundles of flava aka capers
4. you mellow me out with the slight touch of lemon zest and juice and meld all the other ingredients together
5. you en"RICH" my life and my palate with smooth and fruity, luscious and lovely extra virgin olive oil
6. you fill me up and satisfy my hunger with tasty, tangy, and anti-oxidant packed artichokes
7. you supply a subtle background pungency that can only be provided by fresh minced garlic
8. you give me a fun and fulfilling dining experience and a hearty dose of dietary fiber with cute and curly brown rice noodles

you complete me!!!!