well i struggled again this week, but got it together in the end.  after my killer leg workout on tuesday, i was feeling a little crappy the next couple days.  even though wednesday was my off day for training, i still worked a 10 hour day!  when i got home at 6, i stayed in bed all night, feeling pretty icky.  i took a sick day on thursday, lounged around the house, worked on my website, a did a lot of nothing, which is very hard for me.  i rescheduled my workout with my trainer for friday, which was a great idea.  i made it to running club thursday night and had an amazing workout!  so, this has prompted me to change my workouts with my trainer from thursday to friday from now on to hopefully get a better workout at the track!  i was feeling better friday, trained some clients in the morning and had a decent back and chest workout in the afternoon.  this morning, i finished out the week with some drills on my bike (on the trainer).  felt good.  so my theories on why i have been feeling fatigued lately are...
1. working a lot more hours than i was 2 months ago.
2. allergies?  i have rarely been affected by this in the past, but maybe it caught me this year!
3. i have been taking melatonin at night to sleep and possibly this is giving me somewhat of a hangover/lingering effect the next day?
4. not enough calories!
my plan of attack...take allergy meds, stop taking melatonin and read at night instead, eat an extra meal about an hour after my post-workout meal, not work as much???....don't think the last one will work!!!

off to ATL today, ryan is running in a 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning and i will be there to support him (and our friend rick!)  his goal time is under 1:30...go ry and rick!!!
i may make it to the pool tomorrow depending on what time we get home. 
have a great weekend, train smart!

tip of the week! - just because you are seriously training for a triathlon, doesn't mean you should stop weight training!!!  it should never be one extreme or the other...strong muscles = more power and endurance