if you would have asked me 5 years ago if i believe in myself, i would have said yes.  however, i would have been holding something back...i truly didn't believe that i could do almost anything.  wow, how the times have changed!  i think there is a moment in a person's life when REALLY believing in yourself takes on a whole new meaning!  i think back in the day, i would use the excuse "well, i could definitely do that, but i don't want to!"  when i really did want to try something new, but didn't truly believe that i presently had the mental fortitude, and i felt i wouldn't be able to gain the fitness i needed, if that's what it required.  we live in a world where everyone wants it NOW NOW NOW and doesn't think in the long-term, so if they go out and try something new for a month or so, which seems like a long time, but really isn't in the grand-scheme of things, and they fall short, then they think it is an un-achievable goal!  i think believing that you can do almost anything is a life-long commitment, and i have recently made that commitment!  this can be applied to almost anything, but i am going to use running as an example.  5 years ago, i would have told you "i will never be a runner". and my reason for this would be that "i don't like it".  but how do you know if you like or dislike something truly if you only try it a handful of times.  your tastes change as you mature, i never liked the taste of wine or shrimp or peppers, now i love them!!!  yes, there are some things that may never change, like maybe my distaste for onions, but how do you know if you don't keep trying?   ok, back to the point....truly believing...when i attempted running again last year, i still didn't REALLY believe i could do it, but i did work hard and it got me quite far.  i did a half marathon as my first race and completed it in my goal time.  but i was still lacking some pure motivation.  not until very recently did i have that "ah-ha" moment where something inside me clicked, and i now truly believe i can do almost anything.  it does take quite a commitment, however, but i believe that if i really want something bad enough, i will be able to make that commitment, and give it my all.  maybe i won't be able to do it for 2, 3, even 10 or 20 years, but i think that is something that comes along with truly believing, it takes patience, planning, prioritizing, small-time goal setting....and i think this is what stops some people from truly believing, because it can be a very over-whelming experience.  even after you have the "realization" it may still be over-whelming, but you now know that it will take a great deal of effort to achieve your goal and you DO have the belief to back it up.  this is very new to me and i am so happy to share it with you, because i want you to start REALLY believing in yourself, which may take a little while!!!!   it doesn't happen overnight!  but you will know when it happens!  it is difficult for me to help you with this also, i can inspire you, motivate you, teach you, and believe in you, but ultimately it must be YOU who believes in YOU! 

yesterday i ran 6 miles, it felt pretty good.  i feel like my form is breaking a bit due to unbalanced hips, so i am going to see a PT to get some exercises to correct the problem.  hopefully, i will get in my tempo run tomorrow and my long run on saturday.  got 2 days in the gym already, hope for another on friday + a bike workout, and yoga tomorrow night...whew, what a week back on training!!!