yay, the best part of Saturday was the opening of the Athens Farmers Market!

oooo, wait a sec, i take that back....best part = dinner out with hubby.......then the market....whoopsy!

got some great pics to share...

me at the entrance after a much needed run.  got my awesome heavy-duty hand-made grocery bag that my soon to be sister in law constructed for me for Christmas.  thanks Jes!

the many tents...they have about 10-15 veggie tents and about 5-10 info and accessory tents.  i stopped by the P.L.A.C.E booth, which i have on my dense directory page.  the also have food and coffee booths.

here are the good people from Roots Farm, the CSA that i was a member of last season.

here are their beautiful carrots...got me some of those!!!

local raw honey.  next time i am stocking up on that.  you know there are so many things you can do with honey besides put it on your oats!  put it on a small wound, you'll be amazed at how fast it heals!!!

they also had honey wine at this booth...very interesting.  if i had more money, i would have grabbed some! 

gorgeous beets, i am going to make vegan borscht this week.
check out the 'greens' behind...they had all sorts of greens...broccoli greens, kale, swiss chard, Brussels sprout greens, which i am going to try next time.

cabbage patch kid!  i don't think this would have fit in my bag!!!

they have tons of flowers.


i love how this tent is set up.  look at those multi-colored carrots at the top left...so cool!

most times they have a band, it really adds to the experience!  thanks so much for coming out and playing for us all!

they also had a ton of transplants this time!  one of these days i will get up the courage to attempt it! 

Jane and Kevin seemed to have a good time too.  they got some cauliflower plants to grow at home...good luck!

i got some fresh free range eggs for the first time.  $5 a dozen...totally worth it...

take a look at the color of that yolk!  very different from store bought!

that morning when i got back, i had two over easy eggs on top of wheat toast spread with leftover caesar dressing and topped with celery leaves and some celery sticks and horseradish hummus. 

this time, i also bought some broccoli greens, which i will throw in my peanut butter pasta, some swiss chard, which i will stuff and roll up with lentils, tomato, and feta, some beets and carrots, which i will use to make borscht, and some fresh herbs, cilantro and dill, which are very versatile!  i didn't find any veggies that were on my 'try a new seasonal whole food each month', but someone said they do grow fiddle-head ferns, so maybe next time! 

did you go to the market?  or do you attend one in your area???