just cause everyone loves them!  this is 12 weeks out (this past sunday) from the USAs.  i am feeling pretty good about how i look.  fairly lean starting out (i think!).  have no idea what by bodyfat is, no sense in measuring it!  my weight is around 136-137. 
i did my run testout yesterday and am very disappointed!  i was supposed to do 3 miles, but only did 2.  for some reason it was super hard!  i MUST get my fitness level up in the discipline!  hopefully it will improve as time goes on. 
just finished my first circuit workout with nick (my trainer)....it was great.  i loved switching things up and moving fast...it really got my heart rate up. going swimming in the morning...got a good workout set, planned by my tri trainer, ryan/hubby. 
updated our website, www.fittelligence.com, check it out...new stuff in the "news" section.  and there is now a link to ryan's blog.