and feeling pretty strong!  actually, i am surprised i am not more tired!  my swim and bike training is going really well, my run training is HARD!  but, running never gets easy...that is a myth.  i am also having an issue with the top of my left foot...don't know what is going on, but it hurts.  maybe a stress fracture? (hope not).  good thing i only run 2x/wk.  yesterday, i ran 4 miles, with 2 miles of tempo...and i am going to repeat myself...this is HARD!   gym training and diet are also going really well.  i feel tighter already and am under 135lbs.  i guess the highlight of my swim workouts thus far, was a 15 minute continuous swim last friday, and the highlight of my bike workouts, was riding with a group of experienced bikers this past sunday.  i really liked being with a group and hope to ride longer with them next time.  i got a good heavy day in at the gym last friday as well, and even though the weight was fairly heavy, i kept the rest periods short and kept my heart rate up.  my trainer was impressed!  run club this week has been switched from 5:45pm to 5:45am, so we will see how my body operates at that early hour.  i love that my cardio for my figure prep actually increases my fitness for my tri. cardio with a purpose beyond fat loss...what a concept!  i really like my diet right now, mainly because i don't have to think about what to eat.  it is all planned out, and i just eat according to schedule, however, i am sure this will get boring sooner or later!  i will probably change things up in 2-3 weeks.  well, better get ready for the pool...1900 yards, here i come!