so i already told you about the citrus/ginger stir fry, which was delicious!  that is definitely a keeper....super easy, less than 30 minutes to make(not including marinating time), just takes a bit of planning, but most important things in life do!  like with other things in life, change doesn't happen over night, but if you stay true to challenging yourself to make changes in your diet, trying new foods, new ways of cooking (or just cooking in general!), you will eventually become better and better, get the hang of it, understand why it is so important, and soon it will become a lifestyle!  of course it takes practice, but so does everything else!  and that is why i am here to help!!!
tuesday night, i made another version of my baked salmon...this time i crusted it with 1 tbsp orange zest, 2 tbsp orange juice, 2 tbsp spicy mustard, 1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds, 1/2 tsp salt, a little pepper, and 1 tsp olive oil....whisked this all together and topped a big piece of wild caught salmon and baked it on top of chopped baby potatoes and leeks for about 15 minutes.  i then took the salmon out and let it rest while the potatoes and leeks went back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes until they were tender and slightly browned.  it was very good.  and you have salmon for the rest of the week!  ryan gave this a 4. 
when cooking with citrus, it is very important to not only utilize the fresh juice, but the zest as well.  this is where you get an extraordinary amount of flavor, due to all the essential oils.  remember to wash your fruit well before zesting it!  the best way to zest a citrus fruit is using a microplane.  i actually demonstrated this in my video for sardine pasta.
it could also be called a rasp or zester.  i would also recommend FRESH juice whenever possible when cooking! 
this week, i have been using navel oranges, which are actually not used to make orange juice in the US, but can still be used for recipes, just make sure you use the juice right away, because i just found out that it can turn bitter if left for a while!  one cool tidbit about navel oranges....they were given that name because the end looks like a navel...or bellybutton! 
last night, i did orange balsamic glazed whole chicken with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed kale.....this meal took a while!  longer than i thought.  i think i am going to save this one for special occasions.  it was very good, however, i do feel i need to experiment with it to make it perfection! 
in all three dishes, the orange really came through.  this was a very good week!  so try using fruit in savory won't be disappointed!  AND, start including oranges in your diet on a regular basis.  like i said before, never really been a fan in the past, but now i can't stop!   tonight, i am doing a coconut encrusted tilapia with peanut butter veggies....hopefully will get a pic up!  thanks fro reading, have a great rest of the week!