open water swims are TOTALLY different than swims in the pool!  i did an unplanned one today with ryan...i have got some work to do!  thank-goodness i have 2 more planned...i need um!  i think it is more mental however.  also did a long bike this morning, 26 miles.  last friday i did my last heavy leg workout for a while.  did 4 sets of 6 DLs with 175.  gotta lay off the heavy leg weight training for the next 4 weeks, because they are going to be constantly tight and achy.  will resume after the tri.  feeling pretty good, a bit tired, but i gotta get over that because these next 3 weeks i gotta push it HARD!  my bodyweight loss has stalled a bit, still at 132, but i have high hopes for the next 4 weeks!  ok, gotta go fold the laundry and get to bed...up at 6 tomorrow for a 4.5 mile tempo run!