yes, one more week til my tri!  i am getting really excited and NERVOUS!  i feel ready!  did another open water swim yesterday and felt really good about my fitness level, my stroke, and my mental outlook.  i am definitely going to be nervous about the swim, with all the people around me, but i feel i am strong enough now to get out near the front early on and build up my speed toward the end.  this past week has been rough. my energy is definitely decreasing a bit.  i am having an easy week this week so hopefully i can recover a bit and fill my glycogen stores, so i will have lots of energy for race day.  of course i can't go crazy on food because i am 5 weeks out from my figure show!  i think a little rest and a bit more carbs will do the trick!  last long bike tomorrow, i am thinking 25-26 miles, easy.  i am also feeling really good about my physique right now.  i said i wanted to bring a tighter package this year and i think i will.  i am ahead of schedule, i think.  probably want to be about 122-123 on stage, and am at about 127 right now.  it is so funny, cause everyone at the gym thinks i could get on stage now and win, but they have no idea how good of shape you must be in up there in your tiny bikini!  you gotta blow um away!  just found out that there is no access to microwaves at my hotel in vegas, so gotta figure out what i am going to do there!  any ideas? 
doing some shoulders and abs at the gym today, then it is out to eat with my dad tonight.  i wasn't planning on "breaking" from my diet, but i may since i do feel ahead of schedule...nothing crazy though! 
just a short blip to all of you out there who may want to try triathlons, but are holding it!  it is so awesome to feel your fitness level go up and up.  it is such a motivator to do cardio that you can improve on each week...more about this later!...check out ryan's blog this week, he wrote a good one about short term and long term goals and how to stay motivated with discipline and patience.

have a great weekend!