wild caught smoked salmon

what an easy and tasty way to get in your fish for the week.  recently i have been serving it on top of whole wheat flatbread with a caper mayo and sliced tomatoes.  a great side dish would be a mixed green salad or roasted veggies.  i have found it flavored with spices as well.  remember to get "wild caught" not farmed raised!  you could also serve it chopped up in pasta or you could make your own sushi roll...hhhmmm, i think i may have to try that!  i find this in the freezer section at kroger. it is private selection brand. 
another way to get some good omega 3 fatty acids is canned tuna...however, i would go for the more expensive varieties, like Wild Planet, it has 6x the amount compared to the cheaper stuff!  and it is sustainably caught.
i usually eat tuna 2-3x per week and salmon once a week.  but i don't eat it for breakfast ;)  although a smoked salmon cream cheese bagel sounds pretty darn good!