well, aside from the fact that i am getting sick, i feel pretty good, LOL!  i think i am 99.9% ready!  it is so nice to be ready early!  hopefully my sore throat will not matriculate into something worse in the next few days!  can't tell how much different i will look compared to last season, but my waist is smaller (25"), my weight is lower (~123), and i feel more conditioned, but in the end, the stage will ultimately tell!  getting excited!  haven't been able to practice my posing as much as i'd like due to some major muscle tightness and alignment issues that have been causing a lot of pain in my neck and upper back...i plan on getting that straightened out after!  i am having a pretty chill weeekend, relaxing and hiking with my dad and going to a wedding shower tomorrow night where i DO plan on having a piece on cake!!!  just a few workouts left and i am headed to sin city!  if everything goes my way in the last few days concerning nutrition and tanning, i should look the best to date!  got a few pics back from my shoot last friday, but for some reason i can't post them here from my home computer, but will try to get them up tomorrow.  they are on facebook!  kym rocks...she did such a great job, i love them and can't wait to see more!