so, as you can see, i have changed up my blog a bit...i hope you like it!  however, i have lost all my old comments some how!  maybe it happened when i changed the name?!  anyhoo, i switched my account on the site that runs the comments after i realized this had happened, so now when i respond to your comments, it will say fitbree....and i truly hope you have some comments for me :)  
i am also working on (starting yesterday!) better food pics!  i have been visiting some other blogs lately and their pics are amazing!  i am getting some advice from my photog friend, kym, and i am doing a little research on my own.  here is a pic from yesterday that i think is a little better.....what do you think???

i think it is mostly about lighting!  if you have any advice or recommendations, i'd loved to hear them!  thanks! 
also, i am really trying to get the word out more about my blog, so please tell your friends and family.  i am going to try super hard to post often!  2 blogs i hope to do this weekend....1)  what i recommend for most vegans (what i have learned from my "almost vegan" experiment) and 2)  the foods i am adding back in and the foods i can live without and what i believe others may want to cut down on.  stay tuned!