well, i have put on a few pounds during my off-season!  yes, it happens!  decreasing activity and increasing food will do that to ya!  this last week has been the worst.  i can't stop stuffing my face!  good thing i am back on a fitness schedule next week.  i only went up about 6-7 lbs from my contest weight back in july however.  that is way less than i typically gain after a show!   I signed up for a 1/2 marathon on Valentines Day, so i have devised an 11 week program (with the help of my coach and hubby of course!) starting next week.  i am also hoping to get back in the gym and work with my training partner 3 days a week.  we'll see if it all works out.  let's see what else has happened since my last blog....
  • i had my b-day party and got super drunk, so i am back on the NO liquor train!  i just don't do well with that stuff.  wine and beer...ok!
  • i have been enjoying spending more time with my friends and family....hiking, going to see movies at 12:01am (yes, i was one of the first to see New Moon!), ironman parties - oh yea, ryan just did his first IRONMAN and did awesome!  what an experience that was for both of us!  i think i may just have to do one of those someday!  watch out 2012! check out ryan's blog  http://ryanm.dreambelievetri.com/
  • i have had more than a handful of people email me or facebook me about their recent interest in triathlons and it has been so exciting!  i love inspiring others to try something new and challenge their bodies, minds, and hearts in new ways.  tris are just a different experience and i encourage you to at least think about doing one someday!  please email me and let me know if you are thinking about heading in that direction!!! 
  • even though i have been relaxing a bit this last month or so and my training has decreased tremendously (like it should in the off-season!)  i have still been running 2-3x/week and have gotten in some good long runs, my longest was about 7.5 miles.  it feels good to know that i can still pull out longer distances without too much trouble.  yes, of course it is still challenging, because running should never become easy! 
  • i am hosting thanksgiving this year, so i have been planning and prepping for that the last few days. hope i don't burn the turkey!
  • during my training for the 1/2 marathon, i hope to get back on my bike and back in the pool a bit, so i can keep up my endurance for those disciplines and do some drills to perfect my form, so when true tri training starts, i will be READY! 
  • i know it is about a year away, but i have thought about the figure nationals being in ATL next year and maybe jumping into that line-up again after my tri season is over.  i feel i will be in good enough shape to enter a show with only 4 weeks notice!!!  it all depends on how i feel and if i have to doing a local show to qualify!  
  • i hope to do some exciting things to our website soon, so stay tuned!  and if you haven't checked out my new recipes, what are you waiting for!  they are great and only 1.25 for one and 10 for all.  
i hope to post way more when my training begins next week.  hope you all follow along!  have a great T-day!