"There is little motivation to eat healthy foods or enjoy food as one of life's great pleasures if your happiness is dependent upon a number on a scale"  ~Brad Kearns,  Breakthrough Triathlon Training
" 'Eating well' means more than just eating nutritious foods; it means enjoying the entire experience of eating"  ~Dr. Andrew Weil,  Eating Well for Optimum Health

I am a firm believer in "eating for HEALTH" rather than weight loss, even during my "prep" periods!  yes, during prep, i am eating less and one goal is to become "leaner" and in turn, i do lose weight, BUT my ultimate goal is to remain healthy, energized, and happy during the process.  there are so many ways to go about what most like to call "dieting" during a prep for a show/competition.  i have learned so much over the years, and one of the biggest things i have learned is to simply change up the title of what i am doing the 12 weeks prior to a show from "dieting" to "prepping"  i really don't like the term dieting, because there is so much negativity that goes along with it!  so many people want the easy way, the magic pill, whatever they can get away with to lose weight.  when really, if they give it a chance, "eating for health" WILL ultimately be the best weight loss tool!  i think people are scared of this tactic because there is so much BS out there to trick them into thinking there is a better, faster, easier way.  this is the best way to lose weight, hands down.  and the best way to keep it off and stay lean year round!  if you don't know what "eating for health" is, please email me and let me help you!  i love helping others realize that their health is the most important thing, and 99.9% of the time, if they do come to that realization, change their attitude, change their habits, learn to "eat for health", they lose weight, keep it off, become happier, have more energy, are able to perform at a higher level, decrease their disease risk, and help others realize what they have!  i have just posted recipes on our FITtelligence website for sale.  i use them ALL during prep and in the off-season.  believe me they will fit into your plan!  and they will help you "eat for health" and lose weight!