Saturday night, after a great day of running and tailgating, I went to my good friends Jane and Kevin's house to have some wonderful food.  It was quite spectacular I must say!...AND, pretty nutrient dense!   I almost always enjoy indulgent meals at home more than I do out.  Especially if the cook knows what they are doing!  Jane whipped up some amazing dishes.  It starting with an app of chanterelles on toast, a recipe from Hugh Acheson's new cookbook...check out his website...
Chanterelles are a type of wild mushroom, here is a pic of them growing in the wild!

I like most veggies, but am still on the fence about mushrooms and sometimes onions; HOWEVER, these mushrooms (to me) were completely different than white button, portabellas, and creminis.  I thought the flavor AND texture were very different, hard to describe.  If you can get your hands on some wild mushrooms, give them a try! 
Here they are, on toast, topped with freshly sliced parm. 

Next course was roasted beet and carrot salad with cumin vinaigrette, also from Hugh's new cookbook, with the addition of arugula, AND....

....butternut squash lasagna, with roasted butternut squash, leeks, and spinach, and a bechamel (white, creamy) sauce and mixture of cheeses. 

Here it is all together....someone seems happy about it!!!!

For dessert, Jane made individual salted caramel cheesecakes...sooooo goooood!  ok, ok, this course wasn't very nutrient dense, it was more calorie dense, but hey, as they say all the time...everything in moderation!   of course, Jane had to give me her leftovers!!!  so i also had cheesecake the next two nights, hehe!  it was WORTH IT!

thanks Jane and Kevin for a great meal and great company! 

i don't have the recipes for you, but I do hope you get some inspiration AND some confirmation that you CAN and SHOULD indulge once in a while and you CAN get some nutrient density while you indulge! 

i promise i will post the recipe for the seared scallops over artichoke and white bean puree soon!