so, my latest food frustration is the term "made with whole grains" or "now with whole grains"  yet another way to confuse the consumer and trick them into thinking they are purchasing something super healthy!  i think the term "whole grain" means something very different to me than it does to many other people.  to me, a whole grain is exactly how it sounds, and what is very disheartening for me is that most people cannot describe what a whole grain is just by its title, they are simply ignorant (not stupid) to that term....but it really is that simple.  a whole grain is any type of grain, wheat being the most popular, also barley, rice, oats, wild rice and quinoa (although, botanically those are seeds!), and rye just to name a few, that has not been refined, meaning the outer "bran" and the inner "germ" have not been removed leaving only the starchy endosperm, and it has been very minimally processed, meaning it is in its "whole" state, so it has not been processed into anything like a cracker or cereal.  very popular examples of this are brown rice, rolled or steelcut oats, and dehulled barley.  but some whole grains you may have not heard of are quinoa, millet, wheat berries, farro, spelt, and bulgur aka cracked wheat.  so when food products say "made with whole grains" this most likely means that they use some type of whole grain, typically wheat, highly process it (break it down and/or grind it up into flour), and put a little bit of it in their final product.  the rest of the ingredients may not be so great for you.  they could maybe only use half whole wheat flour, and the other half may be refined wheat flour, plus they probably add sugar or high fructose corn syrup, lots of salt, possibly some hydrogenated oil aka trans fat, maybe some artificial colors and flavors, and even possibly some artificial sweetners like sucralose.  so what i think ends up happening, and what the marketer surely hopes happens, is that people now think this processed snack food product got a complete overhaul and is now somehow a "superfood" and the consumers either 1) eat more of it because they think it is better for them or maybe even may help them lose weight, because whole grains help you lose weight, right???, or 2) they start consuming it over something else more nutrient dense because it now has that magic term "made with whole grains"!   if you really want to eat whole grains, which i do think you should, then buy real whole grains!!!   do NOT buy snack foods that contain whole grains.  there are so many foods available to us now and everyone is trying to find that easy weight loss fix and marketers are definitely using that to their advantage!  don't get sucked in people!!!!   buy food items that have one or two ingredients or no nutrition label!!!  cook your own whole grains in bulk and mix them with fruits and veggies and create your own "made with whole grains" foods!  try something new!