i found this out yesterday, when i spent $6 for two whole artichokes and only used about 15% of them!  i need a tad more practice!  my advice, at least for now, is to buy the bottled or frozen artichoke hearts, because it seems, at least in my part of town, that the artichoke isn't in-"full-blown"-season quite yet!  hopefully the price of $3 each will go down a bit, then i can attempt another dish!  last night was actually almost a disaster!  i was planning on doing a shrimp stuffed artichoke dish topped with bread crumbs, but when i finally got down to the part of the artichoke that i was supposed to stuff, it was only about the size of a golf ball and that wasn't going to work!  SO...i decided to boil the edible part that was remaining, then chop it up and saute it with some leeks, combine this with some eggs/egg whites, parsley, and cheese (i used havarti), and make a frittata.  a frittata is kind of like an omelet, except you do not stuff it and flip it over onto itself, you just mix all the ingredients together, start it off in a pan until the bottom browns up and finish it in the oven on broil to brown the top.  it was VERY good!  so my disaster was averted, however, i did thaw out a bunch of shrimp that i ended up re-freezing, so we'll see how the quality holds up on those the next time i decide to use them!  here is a pic of the frittata...i think it was supposed to be 4 servings, but ry and i ate it all!!! 

the ingredients were 2 leeks, 2 edible parts of 2 artichokes, 2 tsp olive oil for sauteing, 6 eggs ( i used 4 eggs and 1/2 cup whites), 3oz cheese, and handful of chopped parsley.  oh and salt/pepper of course!  this is actually a very healthy dish and the saturated fat can be cut down a bit by reducing the cheese to 1-2oz!

here is a handy link for prepping artichokes that i will be taking advantage of for sure!...all about artichokes

i have two more cans of artichoke hearts and haven't really decided how to use them....any ideas?