my bulk grain this week was millet.  this was the first time i have cooked it.  it was very good. similar in apperance to quinoa when it is dry and i would almost say it has the texture of mashed potatoes when cooked!  it is a whole grain.  it is actually used in many bird seeds!   i cooked it with chicken stock, 2 to 1 liquid to grain.  so i did 1.5 cups millet simmered in 3 cups stock for 20 minutes covered.  ate it the same way i eat quinoa, mixed with some beans and pesto.  simple and satisfying lunch! 
my dinners this week were awesome.  my favorite was the stuffed cabbage leaves.  i crammed so much flavor into those little nutrient dense packages!   onion, garlic, peppers, beet greens, tomatoes, lentils, venison, and a little surprise of fresh mozzarella.  spiced up with salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, and dry mustard.  i had some leftover cabbage, so i cut it into chunks and roasted it with my beets and carrots last night with some spicy tofu. 
hope to make some thai coconut curry tomorrow night.