here comes a rare personal update, non-nutrition/food related....

i have recently taken a little blog break....if you didn't already notice!

sometimes, i just don't feel like creating recipes, taking pictures, and writing a i don't! 

also, lately, i have been dealing with some personal health problems, so i have been trying to decrease my stress in other areas of my life as much as i can.  so taking a blog break was part of that strategy!  not so much a break from the mental stress of blogging, but the physical stress! 

so, what has been going on with me?.....uuuggg, where do i start?!  first off, i wana hasn't been THAT bad, and i have really been trying to have a positive outlook.  it just seems like all of these annoying nagging injuries have appeared all at the same time!   nothing SUPER serious (at least i don't think so), but like i said above, just annoying and nagging! 

#1)  left shoulder issue.  i don't know exactly what is going on here, but the orthopedist said it may be a rotator cuff impingement.  it could also be a labral tear and/or ligament laxity (aka shoulder instability) and/or bursitis.   i have been doing a lot of functional resistance training for this, like external rotation with the bands, posterior delt "Ys and Ts" on the ball, and anterior delt stretching.  i think it has been getting better, however, i may not be fully cured until i can fix my MAJOR issue....explained in #3!  i am also really focusing on my posture, rolling my shoulders back and down and doing strengthening exercise for my posterior serratus muscles.  i have been utilizing kinesio tape as well.

i am not sure exactly what is contributing to the problem the most, so i have been cutting back on pretty much everything from strength training to swimming.  also staying away from certain yoga poses that stretch it out too much. 

#2)  pain and hard bump on the bottom of my right foot.  ok, i really don't know what the hell is going on here!  my theories....stone bruise (although i do not fully understand what that means!) and/or metatarsalgia and/or neuroma and/or ganglion cyst.  i have a hard, small, pebble like growth or inflamed bone or soft tissue or some sort of "bruise" on the ball of my right foot in between my first two toes near my arch.  it doesn't cause extreme pain when i run (i ran 3 miles twice last week and it felt ok), but it does hurt later in the day.  however, it doesn't hurt when i apply direct pressure on the pebble with my thumb!  very weird to me!  any other ideas????  over the last six or so months, i have been trying to improve my running form by hitting the ground with the balls of my feet and wearing very minimal shoes to get away from heel striking.....this has worked, but i think it did lead to the problem.  maybe that is not the right form for ME!  i am attempting going back to more cushioned shoes and reverting back to my old form, which really wasn't "heel striking" per se, but landing mid-foot instead of front-foot.   like with "diet fads" there are "running fads" and everyone thinks that the new fad will work perfectly for them.  i believe i have fallen victim to this fad!  but....who really knows!   my plan for this a couple times a week, switch up the shoes (i have about 3 pairs of old shoes that i am going to go back and try out) and don't push it if it starts to flare up or cause too much pain.  i just hope nothing super serious happens with this before our trip out west, because we are doing A LOT of hiking!!!  oh, and sometimes it causes numbness in the 4th and 5th toes!

#3) "jacked-up" stated by my PT (physical therapist).  this has been going on for quite a while now.  or maybe my entire life!  recently however, it has been a major problem and may have gotten worse due to cycling and/or extensive triathlon training.  my hips are VERY uneven and my SI (sacroiliac) joint sifts, pops in and out, and causes a very uncomfortable feeling and sometimes pain.  AND probably either caused or contributed to the other two issues mentioned above!   this is an issue that needs to be addressed numerous times a day.  i have exercises that i do, but the main thing(s) seem to be the everyday motions that are often done incorrectly/with inappropriate form.  i really noticed this when the PT taped up my lower back/SI joint region and told me to pay attention to when the tape gets "pulled"....oh how i noticed!!!  simply driving home from the PT office was a major challenge.  i totally changed my seat position when i got in the car.  more straight up and down and more lumbar support.  same with sitting in front of the computer, which is one reason i haven't been blogging much lately.  it is very easy to break good form and revert back to rounding the back and shoulders forward.   squatting down, leaning over to pick something up, and certain twisting motions...all things i really need to pay attention to more (as everybody should) on a daily basis.  as theorized above, biking is not the best form of exercise when someone has SI joint issues.  you want a natural arch in your lower back and cycling pretty much takes that away completely, especially if you are in an aggressive position.  i am not saying i will never cycle again, but am definitely laying off for the time being. 
my PT also recommended an inversion table, so that is what i did!

i like it.  but have only done one or two minutes at a time so far.   i have heard very good things about inversion i have high wasn't cheap!!! 

working on all these problems at once is frustrating at times, but like i said above, i have a positive outlook.  and i do hope to get back to some serious physical training in the future, whether it be triathlons, running events, bodybuilding/powerlifting or all of the above!   or if in the future i feel like i should not put my body through any type of serious/extreme training, i am going to practice being happy having a nice balance of exercise in my life without any pain!!!

everyone has their issues....these are mine at the present time....and i am dealing with them the best i can! 
have a great week everyone.  i hope to get back in the swing of things this week with my nutrition blogs.  and i am awaiting a guest blog using some summer veggies.  thanks for reading and being patient with my progress!