AMARANTH  heard of it?  cooked with it?  would love to hear some of your ideas/recipes!  this was my first time.  it is definitely a super grain.  i just figured out it is a complete protein!  has all the essential animo acids in the correct proportions!  great for vegheads!  6.5 grams of protein per 1/4 cup (dry) serving.  it did however through me for a little loop!  i thought that it would cook up more like quinoa or couscous, but it ended up having a texture very similar to grits or polenta.  this was of course fine by me.  it was super creamy without any additions!  i sauted some onions and garlic in olive oil in a big pot, then added 1 cup of the amaranth, toasted it for about 1 minute, then added 1/2 cup lentils and 2.5 cups water.  brought it to a boil, then turned the heat down to low, covered, and simmered for 30 minutes.  i ended up adding some roasted pureed cauliflower and curry paste to this and topped it with crispy tofu and whole cauliflower florets.   ryan and i thought is was very good, our dinner guests said they liked it, but didn't finish it all!  their constructive criticism was it needed more bigger veggies in the mix.  so next time i may add some greens. 

we finished the meal with some green tea, coconut sorbet, which was AMAZING!  it tasted like ice cream.  no dairy, no eggs.  here's a PIC
tonight, i am making some baba ganoush....sounds super weird i know, but it is simply roasted eggplant puree....i will spread this on some homemade flatbread. 
i think i will use the amaranth again sunday night and test out a new risotto.  til then :)