being cooped up in my house for the last 2 days because of snow has allowed me to work on some stuff that i usually push to the side.  i was able to get to the gym thank-goodness because i was able to walk, but was unable to train anyone due to horrible driving conditions for them.  thankfully, today a few clients managed to make it in!  BTW, if you are a member of APF, we had some workers come and scrape the parking lot today, so hopefully you can make it in the rest of the week!!!  anyhoo....i am trying to figure out what i want to be when i "grow up"  hehehe!  i know i know, i am already a personal trainer, but i have so many other ideas floating around in my head and my real passion is food and nutrition.  i want to open a breakfast and lunch restaurant, i want to be a healthy baker, i want to write a cookbook, i want to cook healthy meals for others, i want, i want, i want...dang it is so hard to figure out where to start and what to focus on, so lately i have been focusing on everything, but nothing has gotten any real serious special attention.  i don't think that is the way to go about it.  so, to get to the point, over the last few days, i think i may have come up with a direction.  question.....does anyone know what it means to have a certified kitchen?  i would love to create food that i can sell out of my home.  i think that may be a good place to start!  i am currently working on some "nutrient dense" bakery items.  i already created pumpkin, chocolate strawberry, and banana oat muffins, and i have about 6-7 more ideas for them.   i would love some tasters.....and i hope to bring them to my Super Circuit class every saturday morning at APF....wanna taste?    i hope to do some carrot curry ones this friday...interesting huh?!   so, i have so many ideas for restaurant dishes, but that just seems so challenging to get going, since i don't have much business knowledge or experience!  this year is all about figuring out what direction to go in and how i am going to make it happen :) 
i am still going strong with my almost vegan diet.  made another dish with the amaranth grain, however, it didn't go over very well with ryan.  his mouth doesn't really like the taste and texture and his gut doesn't really like the genetic makeup!
one interesting vegan item i have discovered is nutritional yeast.  it is actually VERY tasty when added to simple dishes and provides over 100% of vitamin B12, another micro-nutrient that vegans may not get enough of.  i have been added it to savory stuff like sauces, soups, and grains.  i know i will add seafood back into my diet, but i want to start experimenting with other things besides salmon all the time.  i am definitely going to eat more sardines!  i think i may limit chicken to once or twice a month because it is boring AND it is WAY over consumed in the US.  i rarely eat beef anyway, since i get venison free from my hunter friends.  well, hopefully i will be able to get to the store tomorrow to stock up for the weekend and next week, gotta start planning my vegan creations...will keep ya updated!  hope to do another unique sorbet as well.  stay dense!