so check it....i am going in a different direction with my blogs in 2010!  i am super excited about it!  i am doing this for a couple of reasons....1) to keep me more focused and motivated to update and 2) to provide more info to others (and learn a little bit more myself).  since i am very much into nutrition, and as some of you know by now....i am more into health than appearance, however, i am still into the way my body looks (who isn't), but i truly believe that health comes first and if you get your body healthy and i mean truly healthy, then your physique will follow!  i am also a strong believer in functional foods and good nutrition as a prevention and curing tool!  if you have read some of my previous blogs then you know that i am firm in my opinions about eating a variety of foods, especially fruits and veggies, even during preparation (for shows/competitions).  many people do not eat certain veggies during prep because they are "high in sugar", and they do not understand why I do incorporate them into my diet plan.  this blog will help others understand why variety is the "key" to health and fat loss, muscle gains, increased energy, increased fitness, decreased disease risk, overall happiness, etc, etc!!!  it has taken me a long time to get to where i am right now in terms of nutrition, and i still have a little way to go.  hopefully with this new blog, i can help you get to nutrition greatness, help you understand why variety is such a big factor, help you come up with easy ways to increase variety, introduce you to different veggies (and fruits), let you know why each veggie is important (why it is a functional food), provide you with easy recipes, and let you in on some of my struggles (and victories) when it comes to nutrition.  this blog will help me out also because it will keep me accountable to testing new recipes and coming up with new ways to incorporate different veggies/fruits into a healthy diet.  so....
specifically, what i plan to do is this.....feature a different veggie (or fruit) each week.....provide a least one recipe.....provide many ways of incorporating it into your diet (whether you are in prep mode or you are in off-season)...share with you the many reasons it should be incorporated....provide nutrition facts...discuss its functionality....and tell you straight up if i indeed like and incorporate it into my current diet!  and many other tidbits of info may come up!
of course i will talk about each item seasonally!  so i will be starting with winter veggies and fruits!  stay tuned for the first week's featured is a "green"
i have just started incorporating this into my diet!  more very soon!!!
oh yea and i almost forgot to give credit where credit is inspiration for this new blog comes from the movie "Julie and Julia" 
hope you follow!!!