yay...this week is recovery...well kinda!  my tri training will taper off a bit, meaning there will not be much structure to the workouts.  just get in the pool and swim, long and slow, and get on the bike and spin, short and sweet.  i will still go to run club, but this week i think we are doing longer stuff, so not as much speed work.  and still in the gym 3x.  so i am not letting up too much, but enough to get my body ready for the next 4 weeks!...which will be pretty hardcore...plus my diet is tightening up as well!  today, i ran my first ever 5k (yes, i did a half marathon before doing a 5k!)....and i got 2nd in my age group!!!  my time was about 25:45.  definitely decent!  i am proud of myself.  i held about 8:10min/mile pace.  so we (ry and i) are thinking i can hold 9min/mile pace in the tri! 
took some progress pics yesterday....i don't SEE that much change, but i know it is there because i have lost about 4 lbs...i weighed 132 yesterday.  my waist is definitely tightening up and my back is getting lean.  i think this year, my legs may be harder to get down.  i have a loose weight goal of 128 by my tri and under 124 for my figure show.  i must keep saying to myself, "i will not be too conditioned!"  i don't think that will ever be an issue for me.  so i just need to keep pushing hard, keep my diet tight and clean, and get as conditioned as i can!  since i don't have a great ab shot yet, i thought i'd post a couple of ry....damn, he is lean.  this is on about 3000-3500 cals/day!  wouldn't that be nice!